Binghamton Area LEAH Sponsored Activities


Braided Cord Co-op Contact (Registration by April 1)

Provides homeschooling children the opportunity to learn in outstanding classroom settings with their peers, taught by experienced and trusted Christian parents, while fulfilling their music, art and physical education requirements as stated in section 100.10 Home Instruction Education law part (e) from the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. It is our purpose to provide home schooling families with the opportunity to engage in fellowship with other home schooling families and be uplifted and encouraged on their home schooling journey.

Clear Vision Connection Contact (Registration by May 15)

Assists Christian homeschoolers through the middle and high school years offering weekly classes in science, English, Spanish, and electives. Our members adhere to a Biblical worldview. Classes are tuition based at reasonable rates.

Journey Co-op Contact

Christ-centered co-op offering supplemental weekly classes in a variety of subjects while serving God through missions, forming lasting, Christ-centered friendships, and learning skills that will make productive adults.

Faith in History Class Contact (Registration by August 1)

A 10th-12th grade level faith in history class with the opportunity to perform a historical period drama.


"A Night in the Country" Father-Daughter Barn Dance Contact

Father-Daughter Dance event including music, dancing, raffles, desserts, and refreshments.

Binghamton/Southern Tier LEAH Region Graduation Contact (Registration by March 1)

A local ceremony to honor our graduates and hear testimony of God's work in individual families' lives.

LEAH Junior/Senior Formal Contact (Early Registration by April 1/Registration by May 1)

A celebration for LEAH Juniors and Seniors in the culmination of their high school years with engagement of God honoring activities for the purpose of developing friendships and positive lasting memories.

Used Curriculum Sale Contact

An opportunity for anyone to sell homeschool curriculum and a resource for anyone to buy homeschool curriculum at affordable prices.

Various Field Trips

General liability insurance covered field trips open to all Binghamton Area LEAH Chapters.


Binghamton LEAH Guardians Competitive Soccer Contact (Registration by August 3)

Promotion of the sport of soccer to homeschooled students in order to provide instruction, athleticism, and competitive play in a Christian environment.

Saturday Mornings Non-Competitive Soccer Contact (Early Registration by August 15)

Provides soccer instruction, athleticism, and non-competitive play in a Christian environment.

Intramural Badminton Contact (Registration by November 2)

Increase badminton knowledge and skill through training and games while promoting Christian character and physical fitness.

Intramural Basketball Contact (Registration by December 16)

Increase basketball knowledge and skill through training and games while promoting Christian character and physical fitness.

Intramural Spring Sports Contact (Registration on site)

Enjoy the beauty of spring through various group sports (i.e. whiffle ball, softball, ultimate frisbee, beach volleyball, etc.) while promoting Christian character and physical fitness.

Intramural Volleyball Contact (Registration by February 7)

Increase volleyball knowledge and skill through training and games while promoting Christian character and physical fitness.

Northeast Pennsylvania Homeschool Basketball Contact (Registration by October 20)

NEPA Homeschool Basketball aims to provide concentrated instruction, practice and games to develop basketball skills with an emphasis on Christian character and sportsmanship. The program is designed to be semi-competitive: more extensive than an intramural program but not as expansive as a competitive league team.

Non-LEAH Sponsored Activities


Classical Conversations

Weekly Group Art Classes Contact


Baseball in Education Day Contact


Endicott Performing Arts Center

Zion School of Performing Arts and Ministry


Ceramics by Fern





Homeschool Skate Contact

Homeschool Skating Lessons Contact

Homeschool Tennis Contact

Lunch Skate Contact

Planet 3